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ti ti ti ti papaya :D autoplay

i search this song for 3 hour and just called literaly ti ti ti ti papaya T-T coment if you use

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this porfile banner + rain in your porfile

is my version of codes i see here credits to respects creators , coment if you use

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stardew valley chikends plushies

credits to :@pngkatios on tmblr other plushies request are welcome :3 preview:

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blue and pink filter for your porfile

a simple usefull code for u porfile Leave indications of both codes but just in case the first is for pink and the second for blue u can see a blue filter works on my pofile this is a pink filter preview coment if you use and give me credits

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animated gif whit polaroid pfp

a random code i make for me but i dont use , i share if you like this i leave intructions for all in my code if you want changue someting i leave a preview in this porfile https://spacehey.com/iiimacat give me credits and coment if u use

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west coast slowed + reverd (instrumental) autoplay

i make this for my porfile , i love smch lana del rey for previewl look my porfile and coment if you use

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giant vinyl record spinning on your blog

I don't know much about html for this design I had help from chatgtp you can put any other image for the album cover the transparent hole will always be made in the center of the image preview like this or this Credits are not necessary but comment if you plan to use it I want to see what it looks like update : for spanish people im gona explain e visto mucha gente confusa en donde poner el link d...

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