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this was originally posted by vomitgrl here ! basically an edited version of the above linked music player, but less big and on the corner of your screen so that way it doesn't take up too much space! you can press it to play/pause the music! the white border around it is so that if you have a dark background you can distinguish the music player from the background itself! this layout post will ha...

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SKYBERRY (BASE LAYOUT) | super sonicodes

this is my second ever base layout, and unlike the first one; it strays away from the overall spacehey layout! it's important that you at least have a bit of coding knowledge, it'll be helpful! oh, and that box SPECIFICALLY for stamps? yeah please don't put anything else there but stamps because it scrolls horizontally (of course it can be removed if you wish). also, please use a SQUARE image (100...

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BASE LAYOUT W/ BIO! | super sonicodes

my first ever base layout!!! it's important that you at least have some coding knowledge ^__^ it's important that you change the inner border colors to the same color as the background of the container that each inner div element is in, and PLEASE make sure you change the links of the buttons (specifically the ones that say: add me, unadd me, block me, report me, my blogs, my bulletins, my layouts...

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DARK MODE | super sonicodes

just a reupload from my old account of my dark mode layout, enjoy! (blog, bulletin AND mobile friendly) warning: might cause crashing!!! just because it is by far my simplest layout unfortunately does not mean it will be crash-free

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SUPER SONiCO | super sonicodes

a sonico layout! wippee! this layout was made on firefox, and is not suited for mobile! p.s. i would like to state that everything in your about me should be place in your "Who I'd Like to Meet" section with the way this layout is constructed!!

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MARUMOFUBIYORI | super sonicodes

world's first marumofubiyori layout... enjoy! not mobile, blog or bulletin friendly! has ended up crashing someone's computer, use at your own risk (or spite)

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CANDiED CAPSULES | super sonicodes

hiii i'm back! i deleted my account because this site was SUPERRR stressful but now i'm back, so i'm reuploading all my layouts! enjoy! not suited for mobile, blogs or bulletins!

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