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nagito + aoi mukou irl / fickin ୨୧ˎˊ˗    HE/IT

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inscryption - leshys cabin layout #yeah!!!!

soooo i've been obsessed w/ inscryption lately soooo i made a layout 4 it ^^ uhhm,, comm using if ur using pls!! ALSO WHERE ARE ALL THE INSCRIPPY FANS BLUZ...

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komaeda sleeping on ur pfp.. (READ DESC PLS)

he uh.. sleeps on the top right on ur pfp,. ig,. yeah!!! comm if use!! no cred.. since the last code stopped working i had 2 alter it 2 something worse.., sooo if nagito doesnt aline with ur pfp just change the top # and right #,, so sorry!!!

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komaeda + kamukura pixel thingy uhm??

have these goobers... bottom left of ur silly profile !! dancing... yeahg. comm if using!! no cred.,

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