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i'm a goofy goober, yeah!

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striped text!! (the stripes move!!!) (also customizable!)

plz comment using if using!! this one is fun to look at and its pretty, too! you can change the size (right at 2em) the color (at the top of the code! where --color1: #5cb3ff; --color2: #ff5ca8; is at) and you can remove or make the text border bigger and change its color too! (where 0.5px is at) you can also change how fast they can go! (where 20s is at) hope u all have fun using this one :D it c...

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rubberband text!!!!!

comment using if u are gonna use it plz!!! its my first time makin' somethin' like this so if it has any errors please tell me! lookie lookie! i'm like a rubber band! :D

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