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backseat lovers (unfinished!!)

just a wip, posting the code so i dont lose it. for Meiye

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blue cybercore aesthetic

just a simple cybercore layout i coded a while ago and just found on an old account, so i thought i'd share it here! if there's any issues let me know! (edit: i added tv static lines gif to the background cuz someone who liked my layout wanted to know how to do tv static on their own layout, but the glitch effect was just the background image with the profile opacity turned down. if you don't want...

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Twenty One Pilots Scaled and Icy layout

here's a twenty one pilots scaled and icy layout! its pretty simple but its cute :3 it autoplays 'Shy Away' so if you want to change it, change the numbers after '' with the code at the end:

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Clandestine Industries layout!!

the code is a mess and its pretty simple. i don't recommend using this as a base as its sh!tty, enjoy lmao. if there are any issues let me know :3

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Pac-man layout!!

yeah its kinda sh!t but its my first layout lol enjoy, i just tinkered around with another persons code uhhh yeah

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