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Cirno Layout

A layout that someone requested so I made a Cirno inspired layout! With a custom cursor, floaties, touhou font, and some other cool stuff. The Rumia logo was made by wintertide (thank you!). Simply copy everything below and post anywhere in your editor! Any issues? Tell me below!

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Touhou Project Font

Font used in the Touhou Project games. To use, copy what's below. To change the font for other text, copy the {font-family: 'DFPPOPCorn-W12';} and put which text you want to change before it. EX. h1{font-family: 'DFPPOPCorn-W12';} - (This will change the font for your Profile Name.) View the profile diagram here for help. If you still need help, just ask!

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Touhou Cursor Batch 2

Hi again, I've found more cursors to share! This time it includes Junko, Marisa, Remilia, Flandre, Momiji, Kaguya, and Cirno. Just copy and place anywhere! Everything has been labelled.

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Touhou Cursor Batch 1

Title explains it all really. This batch includes Orin, Reisen, Koishi, Sakuya, and Reimu. I'll probably do more later but this is it for now. Everything is labeled below between /* */. Just copy and paste anywhere! ! Added a Sakuya alt cursor.

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Windows Themed Layout

Windows Themed layout with gray gradient boxes, a stars overlay (over entire profile, can be changed), custom online icon, custom font, and code that I tried to organize as best as possible. The Profile Link is hidden in this layout but code can be removed. Just comment if using! !UPDATE Added song code

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Profile Picture flips 180 degrees when hovered over

Title, just stick it in one of your text boxes and you're all done! I've never made code before so this is new to me!

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Sanae Kochiya Layout

2nd time im trying to upload cuz it accidentally duplicated and i deleted them but -> Sanae Kochiya "Inspired" layout. this is my first layout so if something is wrong im sorry! includes a flipped profile and animated pfp. i also added notes in the code so you could understand it better! !UPDATE! : Redid the theme with a (hopefully) better looking layout, with round profile pictures and even round...

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Touhou Wiki Logo Icon

Wanted to practice a bit with CSS and stuff so I made this, feel free to use it. Edit the size if you need to.

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